Kansas Maid Braided Bread Line

  • $20.00

NFP Brands is Proud to Offer: 

We normally limit our product sales through schools and organizations but due to the shut down, we are offering direct sales to our neighbors in Suffield and surrounding towns. If you want an amazing Braided Bread (also known as strudels) delivered right to your doorstep or to send one to a special person in your life, we've got you covered! We are happy to offer a full line of Braided Breads from one of our newest suppliers, Kansas Maid. All breads are $20, which includes delivery to Suffield, Granby, East Granby, Windsor Locks, Enfield, Southwick and Agawam. Since our inventory is seasonal, we require 1 full week for deliveries. Rush orders are available but may require a minimum purchase of 2 cakes.  

For only $20, you can pick your favorite braided bread from the following 9 selections. All braids are 22 Ounces: 
  • Cherry Braid
  • Cinnamon Braid
  • Cream Cheese Braid
  • Apple Braid
  • Strawberry Cream Cheese Braid
  • Italian Braid (Garlic & Herbs) 
  • Raspberry Braid
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Caramel Sticky Buns

*Important* If you wish to order more than one type of braided bread or roll, you must complete a separate transaction. 
The dough needs to rise for 8 to 10 hours at room temperature. Bakes in 20-25 minutes. 
Thank you for your support and enjoy your Kansas Maid Breaded Bread! 
Proudly Offered Through: 

(888) 454-4NFP