Central H.S ROTC Thanksgiving Pie Fundraiser 2021

  • $20.00

Central High School ROTC is running a Thanksgiving Pie Fundraiser through NFP Kids. Our cadets are selling handcrafted pies from Granny's Pie Factory. You can help our cadets & receive an amazing gourmet pie delivered by your favorite cadet & their family.  

Whether you want to support your favorite cadet or you're just looking to get a great pie delivered right to your door, this is for you!

For only $20, you can pick your favorite pie from the following 10 selections: 

  • Grandma's Apple (10 Inch, 43 Ounces)
  • Apple Crumb (10 Inch, 44 Ounces)
  • Wild Blueberry (10", 41 Ounces)
  • Lemon Meringue (10", 40 Ounces) 
  • Old Fashioned Pumpkin (10", 33 Ounces)
  • Coconut Custard (10", 35 Ounces) 
  • Boston Cream (10", 42 Ounces) 
  • Cookies & Creme (10", 40 Ounces) 
  • Chocolate Creme (10", 43 Ounces) 
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter (10", 45 Ounces) 
To ensure the Cadet you are purchasing from receives credit for the sale, please select their name from the dop-down menu above. They will get credit for the sale and be responsible for delivering your pie to you. 
*Important* If you wish to order more than one type of pie, you must complete a separate transaction. 
Pies may be frozen for up to 1 year and refrigerated for 5 days. All pies may contain traces of nuts. 
Thank you for supporting youth & high school sports and enjoy your Grandma's Pie! 
Proudly Offered Through: 

(888) 454-4NFP