Bacon Academy Cheer Beef Jerky Fundraiser Home Delivery 2022

  • $18.00

Bacon Academy Cheer is running a Brand NEW Fundraiser featuring Beef Octane Jerky!

If you are a fan of Beef Jerky or know someone who is, this is the product for you.

Premium gourmet jerky with some serious attitude...
Beef Octane is not your ordinary jerky company. They have taken the jerky game to the next level with our high-quality, premium meat selections and combined that with some of the most insane gourmet beef jerky flavors ever crafted. Full of flavor and insanely tender, you will taste the difference. All of their jerky products are crafted to our standards of pure perfection.

Please Select from the following flavors:
  • FREEDOM-COOL We created this amazing bag of jerky to Honor those who sacrifice themselves for the freedoms that we enjoy everyday. Freedom jerky is a special twist on our award winning Teriyaki beef jerky!  We added a touch of Hickory, making this one an instant jerky favorite! 
  • TERIYAKI BEEF JERKY (GLUTEN FREE) COOL. Most Classic, Fan Favorite in the World of Jerky! Our Signature Teriyaki recipe with a hint of Pineapple! 
  • MANGO HABANERO BEEF JERKY (GLUTEN FREE) - HOT! We got fancy on this one, with some Apple Cider Vinegar & Mangoes! Then we decided to throw in some Habanero Peppers for Fun! 
  • CARNE ASADA BEEF JERKY (GLUTEN FREE) - PRETTY MILD Lime & Orange marinade with some Jalapeno Peppers for some Heat! Tastes just like a Carne Asada Taco! 
  • STREET MEAT BEEF JERKY (GLUTEN FREE) - MEDIUM. Sounds of the Big City All Around You. Drowning out the senses. Then the Sweet Smell of Korean BBQ Meat Sizzling on the Grill! 
  • BBQ MESQUITE BEEF JERKY-COOL. This NEW beef jerky will have your mouth watering as the insanely sweet barbecue tastes just consumes this jerky like no other "BBQ" jerky on the market. Doubt us? Then give this one a try...we dare you!
  • SWEET & SPICY BEEF JERKY- HOT! Teriyaki Sauce, Pineapple Juice, Jalapenos and Wine with a Secret Blend of Spices & Herbs. Sweet Up Front, Nice Spicy Bite in the End! 
  • APPLEWOOD SMOKY BACON JERKY (GLUTEN FREE) - COOL. Applewood Smoke mixed with Premium Spices! Hints of Brown Sugar & Maple to make the tastiest Bacon Jerky you've ever had!  
Upon checkout, simply select the flavor you wish to receive. Each bag costs $15.00 + $3.00 to cover shipping. Please note, ALL online sales will be delivered directly to your home from Beef Octane & will not be given to you by a player.  
Thank you for supporting Bacon Academy Cheer and enjoy your Beef Jerky! 
 Beef Octane is handcrafted, small back & Premium Gourmet Jerky based out of Colchester, CT. Our Beef Jerky is brisket cut, super tender & there is even an individually wrapped flosser pack right inside the bag! Good luck not eating the bag in one sitting!!

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